Tributaries "Y" Series 4 Balanced Audio Adapter Cable

Tributaries "Y" Series 4 Balanced Audio Adapter Cable

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All Series 4 balanced Y cables are assembled by hand in Orlando, Florida. Series 4 Balanced Y cables are configured FMM; with a single female XLR connector split to two male XLR connectors. 4ABY cables begin with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Conductors are solid gauge to prevent grainy distortion caused by stranded wire. Tributaries precision twisted Twin-Axial cable design is perfect for balanced analog audio systems. In the Twin-Axial design there are dedicated conductors with equal impedance for positive and negative signals. The signal conductors are wrapped with dual shielding to keep noise from reaching the single path. To reduce signal hum during connection the Tributaries Series 4 XLR connectors have the female ground (pin 1) placed forward in the shell so the ground connects first. The Series 4 balanced Y adapter cable is high performance cable that looks as good as it sounds

Available in FMM configuration, the Series 4 Balanced Y cable is stocked in 12 inch lengths and sold in each.

Model 4ABY Highlights

  • Assembled by hand with foreign and domestic parts in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Heavy solid 22AWG HC-OFC conductors for improved bass and accurate signal transfer
  • Precision twisted pairs excellent for balanced audio
  • LDPE eliminates distortion while maintaining flexibility
  • Dual shielded to lower the noise floor
  • Gold-plated solid-brass XLR connectors
  • Decorative woven jacket over flexible PVC jacket
  • Available in custom lengths