Tributaries Series 6 Phono Cables

Tributaries Series 6 Phono Cables

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All Series 6 phono cables are meticulously assembled by hand in Orlando, Florida. The Series 6 phono cable set is comprised of a S6 Single-Ended RCA audio cable and ground wire. The Series 6 audio cables begin with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Each conductor is engineered with dual solid gauge wires that are mathematically and tonally chosen to support low, mid and high frequencies for a natural sounding cable. Individually insulating each wire yields zero strand interaction and better sound quality. Unbalanced analog audio systems will benefit from using Tributaries Twin-Axial cable design. The precision twisted Twin-Axial design has dedicated conductors for the positive signal and negative return signal plus a heavy shield that is connected to the source end only. In this design the shield will capture any induced interference sending it to ground at the source end thereby isolating noise away from the input stage of the load. The ground wire is a 16AWG stranded wire terminated with a gold plated spade lug that will fit ground posts that are 4mm and smaller. This configuration ensures a clear signal transfer with overall noise rejection as close to balanced as possible. The end result is a neutral sounding cable.

The Series 6 Phono cable set is stocked as a pair plus one ground wire. Phono cable sets are available in ½ meter to 4 meter lengths with custom lengths available.

Model 6PC Highlights

  • Assembled by hand with foreign and domestic parts in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Precision-Twisted Twin-Axial 20AWG HC-OFC conductors
  • Sophisticated multi-gauge design for superior bass & midrange
  • Insulated conductors eliminate strand interaction/distortion
  • Dual shielded to lower the noise floor
  • Gold-plated solid-brass RCA connectors
  • 16AWG stranded ground wire terminated with gold-plated spade lug
  • Grounding spade lug fit 4.0mm or smaller ground posts
  • Decorative woven jacket over a UL® CL2 PVC jacket
  • Available in custom lengths